5 Must-Visit Golf Courses in Australia

Australia is known for its highly diverse landscapes offering a variety of awe-inspiring fauna and
flora. The country also boasts a wide range of golf courses for golf enthusiasts, spanning terrains
from the city to the seaside. However, the country’s temperate climate conditions will indeed
challenge a player’s golfing skills.

Australian golf courses are highly immersed in rich golfing history. They are also designed by
some of the world’s top architects. So it is no surprise that golf enthusiasts list Australia as one of
the leading countries to go to for that memorable golfing experience. Here we will feature the top
five must-visit golf clubs in Australia.

The Royal Melbourne Golf Club

Dubbed Australia’s most famous golf club, the Royal Melbourne Golf Club possesses a
spectacular landscape and exquisite course conditioning. It is divided into two distinguished
parts, the East and the West Course, and the West course was designed by Dr. Alister
Mackenzie was a Scottish architect in 1926.

Kingston Heath Golf Club

The Kingston Health Club offers an 18-hole course strategically situated at Melbourne’s Sandbelt.
It has superb conditioning year in and year out with difficulty levels for beginners and
experienced golfers. It is also known to host a myriad of international golfing events such as the
Australian Open, Women’s Australian Open, and Australian Masters.

The Victoria Golf Club

Strategically located at Melbourne’s Sandbelt, the Victoria Golf Club has hosted several
international golfing events, such as the Australian Open and the Women’s Australian Open. The
course was designed by Oscar Damman and Bill Meader, following the instructions of Dr.
Alister MacKenzie. Since then, efforts at course design have been handed down to architectural
firms. At present, the course is considered the home club for Australian golfing great: Peter
Thomson, a winner of five British Open Championships.

Metropolitan Golf Club

The Metropolitan Golf Club is considered one of the most challenging championship golf
courses located in Melbourne Sandbelt. It is recognized as one of the finest championship
courses in Australia, having hosted several Australian Open events, PGA championships, and the
World Cup of Golf in 2018.

Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club

The Peninsula Kingswood Country Golf Club results from the merger made by Peninsula Golf
Club and Kingswood Golf Club way back in 2013. Since then, the efforts have resulted in a golf
course divided by the North and South layouts along the Melbourne Sandbelt.

Golf Simulators For The Busy Golf Enthusiast

Opting for an indoor golf simulator is a worthy alternative for golf enthusiasts who do not have
the time to physically go out on the fairway for work reasons or conflicting schedules. Golf simulators offer users data tracking that highlights critical areas for improvement in between swings. It can easily be set up in one’s living room, garage, or even the office for that lunch break tee-off. It certainly beats traveling to the golf course after a hard day’s work. However, indoor golf hubs are also at a golfer’s disposal for that enhanced indoor experience.

Key Takeaways

Australia offers a wide range of breathtaking golf courses to choose from. From fairways that
combine nature’s beauty with challenging yet enjoyable obstacles to championship greens made
for the golf masters. However, getting an indoor golf simulator or visiting an indoor golf hub is
just as good a choice for those who have trouble allotting time on legendary golf courses.

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