Use Of P N Holesaws To Make The Perfect Cut Easily

Many times, electrical experts use cumbersome methods to make a hole and cut through the thick layers of steel, wood, brass, aluminum, concrete and other materials so that the electrical cables and wires can pass through them. However, using the traditional hammer and chisel does not make that perfect hole, and you often end up having an over-sized or under-sized hole in the surface. This kind of digging also leads to damages in other areas of the layers as well. However, making the perfectly round holes have become easy these days with P N holesaws. This is an advanced equipment that allows you to dig a hole in a surface smoothly, safely and flawlessly. Let’s know more about them.

How a P N Holesaw Works?

The P N holesaws are made up of a hollow metal cylinder mounted on an arbor. The cutting edge of the saw has teeth or industrial diamond or tungsten carbide tips for cutting through the material with ease. The metal cylinder is made up of steel which is reinforced, so that it does not wither with the heat generated during the work, or due to the hardness of the material that needs to be cut.

The other name of the arbor is a mandrel, and it connects to the drill bit for cutting and holding. The drill is generally electrically powered to get the extra speed and momentum. The dust or the cutting granules are dragged out by the slopping slots of the cylinder wall.

The Types Of P N Holesaws

You may find many kinds of P N holesawsin the market, and almost all of them have a solid cylindrical shape to cut specific diameter. The size of the hole depends on the width of the cylinder. One can also get the adjustable holesaws which may range from circle cutters to adjustable hole cutters.

  • The Circle Cutters – These types of holesaws are adjustable. They have some teeth on the platform along with the pilot bit. One needs to adjust the tooth to cut holes as per the desired size. They are most suitable for making large holes that cannot be otherwise created by the adjustable holesaws.
  • Flexible Hole Saws – They can also make holes of different sizes. They have a flat metal disc that has a series of grooves so that progressively more full circles can be made. The teeth of the saw can be adjusted in the grooves to make holes as per the requirements.

Using The P N Holesaw

Although the basic principle of cutting a large diameter hole is the same as drilling a hole in any material, you need to use the P N holesaws in a precise manner in order to get the perfect shape desired. Here are a few tips you should follow while using one:

  • The drilling should be done with steady but light pressure. Forcing too much might make the cutting edges blunt, and the purpose will not be served.
  • One should always avoid pendulum movement using these types of hole saws, as it will make the hole odd shaped. It usually happens when the arbor and the drill bit is not tightly fixed with the drill machine.
  • If required, one should use cooling agents such as water or coolants so that the hole saw does not heat up excessively while cutting the hard materials. Otherwise, the tips may burn out and you may end up with a damaged surface.
  • One should also keep in mind that percussion drill operation is not possible with this type of drilling saws and it should be avoided at all costs.


With the availability of P N holesawsout there, drilling circular holes is no more a nightmare. They are perfect to use in drilling circular holes on a variety of materials while going for the electrical work and passing the cables and the wires from one side of the barrier to the other. Using them makes the work of an electrician much easier and faster than ever before. 

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