Tips For Choosing the Right Formal Shoes for Men


Just like clothes, shoes are a reflection of your personality and your pick can make or break your outfit. Ideally, the importance of the right formal shoes is intensified by official clothes. Whether you are attending a meeting, a black-tie event or a reception party, wearing formal shoes that match your personality and outfit is vital, lest you will become a subject of fashion ridicule.

 Well, choosing the right kind of formal shoes for a task calls for a lot of thinking, and the fact that there are numerous options out there does not help. From the color and design to the type of leather and its cut, you need to look at everything with proper consideration. That being said, this brief and straightforward guide will help you buy the formal shoes that match your style.


 There are numerous types of materials in the shoe industry, but leather stays classic and timeless. It makes it look effortlessly complex and ages beautifully, making it an ideal material for formal shoes for men. Another material that you may want to consider is suede. However, you should avoid wearing shoes made from these materials in snowy and rainy conditions. They are both delicate materials and are best worn in warm conditions.

Shape & Style

When it comes to shape and style, it all boils down to personal preferences. However, there are particular rules to keep in mind when purchasing formal shoes for men. Dress shoes come in an array of toe shapes, ranging from round to square and even narrowly pointed ones. For the pick, you’ll want to avoid the extreme. Pick a shoe with a balance between square and round. This way, you’ll be able to wear the shoe with varying suits.

 There are numerous styles in the formal category for men including brogues, loafers, monk straps, derby and even wedding shoes. If the event you’re attending is strictly formal, consider derby or oxford shoes. Loafers, monk strap, and brogues lean slightly towards the lax side of the formal spectrum.


Dress shoes come in an array of heights, but one inch is usually the best. Formal or professional wear needs high heel men shoes and so, you should go for the one-inch mark.

The Fit

With the superficial part of your shoe hunt done, it is time to get down to business. Regardless of how pretty a shoe is or how well it matches with your outfit, If it does not fit well, it does not deserve a spot in your shoe rack. That being said here are some tips to ensure the right fit.

1. Scrutinize Your Walk

The right pair of men’s dress shoes will make your walk natural and comfortable.

2. Observe the Pressure on the Feet

A fitting shoe won’t put too much pressure on your feet’s pressure points. So, walk around for a while in the pair and gauge whether or not they are holding your feet too tight. If there is constant pressure when walking, then you picked the wrong pair.

3. Try them on with Socks

When buying from a physical store, go for Derby, Brogues, and Oxford shoes, as mentioned earlier, and wear socks in order to get a good idea of how they fit.

4. Test With Toe Movement

If you have relatively broad feet, you’ll want to avoid the leaner models. Rather, consider wide toed shoes as they will offer the needed space for the feet. In order to get a better comprehension of the fit, move the big toe around. Also, there should be an inch of space between the shoe’s toe box and the big toe in order to allow for ideal movement when walking.  

And there you have it, simple and straightforward tips for picking the right men’s formal shoes.

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