Key Benefits Of Installing Branded Ducted Air Conditioning System

Air-conditioners are necessary when the humidity levels and sun radiations are more in your location. If you are living in sub-tropical or tropical countries, then you may have to install quality ACs in all the rooms to lead a comfortable life. It should be noted that advanced computers and electronic gadgets will work perfectly only when the rooms are cool and comfortable. Even banks, financial institutions and other companies which are dependent on computer servers and computers should install branded split or duct ACs.

Ducted Air Conditioning System
Ducted Air Conditioning System

There will be a question in the minds of the people – What is a ducted air conditioning system? In this method, ducts which are made out of thermoplastic rubber, stainless steel or other materials will pass through all the rooms. Chilled air passes round the clock through these ducts. It is normally fitted on ceilings and work noiselessly during operation. If you are looking out for energy-efficient, cost-effective and stylish ducted air conditioning system, then the right decision is to choose from products which are gaining immense popularity. But before deciding to install advanced model ducted air conditioning you should take into account various important factors such as:

  • Discard or upgrade your existing switchboard: Modern ducted air conditioning systems need heavy-duty switchboards which can withstand strong voltage fluctuations, voltage drops and short-circuit. If you are using vintage model or old switchboards, then it is better to discard them and install latest model switchboards.
  • Proper inspection and assessment: If you are living in a home which has less movement space, then you should hire a service provider immediately for risk inspection and assessment. The experienced service provider will inspect the roofs and ceilings where ducts shall pass. and He will also also assess the quality of the existing cables, wires, switchboards, switches and all other electrical items thoroughly.
  • Explore online reviews and ratings: If you intend to hire reputed electricians or air-con experts, you should explore the official websites of such service providers before taking the next measure. You will get a rough idea about their skills, talents, area of expertise and all other details when you go through the online portal of reputed ducted air conditioning service providers.
  • Sign an annual maintenance contract: It is worth to note that ducted air conditioning installation experts will install the system and exit after commissioning and testing. It is you who have to go further and sign an annual maintenance or period contract with the seller. One of the technicians will visit your premises regularly and submit a report to you after complete inspection.
  • Request free quotes, estimates and brochures: There is head-on competition between various AC sellers and so you can easily negotiate a deal with the seller before taking an appropriate decision. You can request free quotes, estimates and brochures and ask whether they are giving discounts and other offers for such products.
  • Clean the system regularly: Dust particles, dirt and dander will settle quickly on the duct ACs and spoil its beauty and also damage the components quickly. You must hire cleaners and clean the duct systems thoroughly once in a while.
Ducted Air Conditioning System
Ducted Air Conditioning System


Even though there are a few disadvantages that come with duct ACs, you will be able to enjoy several advantages. If you are using the latest model duct ACs, maintain them well and enjoy key benefits from them. If you are new to the world of duct ACs, ask for guidance or explore the latest articles that are published on various channels which talk about duct AC systems. Invest only when you are fully satisfied with the available information.

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