How to Properly Maintain Concrete Surfaces in Your Yard

Outdoor living spaces, especially patios, have become a valuable addition to our daily lives and busy schedules. In a way, out patios and backyards have become an extension of our indoor living area and places where grown-ups can sit, relax and watch their children at play and where family and friends gather at weekends over barbecue, drinks and fun.

Just like our green lawns and gardens, patios also require certain maintenance to preserve their appearance and appeal, and to prolong their lifespan. As they are constantly under the influence of weather, outdoor elements, dirt and debris, they do take a lot of beating and wearing, so some TLC is much needed there as well.

Here are several ways you can maintain your concrete surfaces and have them looking their best.


Your best choice of maintenance is prevention. A daily preventive maintenance routine includes cleaning and sweeping. Make it a habit to sweep leaves, dirt and the dust build-up every day using a large corn broom. This will make any thorough cleaning in the future much easier. Just like indoors, a daily pick-up and cleaning routine goes a long way in keeping everything clean and fresh.

Cleaning methods

In addition to a regular daily cleaning routine, you will need to clean your concrete surface more thoroughly once a week or a couple of times a month. Removing the light build-up of dirt will be no issue for a scrub brush and a rinse-off. If there’s more dirt or a mildew build-up in the corners, it’s recommended you use environmentally friendly bleach or soap to wash it away. After you rinse it off, the concrete will be sparkling clean.

One of the best tools you can own for this type of cleaning is a pressure washer. As most concrete surfaces are often porous and pitted, dirt, grime and mildew easily get in and ruin their appearance, and a simple sweeping and scrubbing won’t do the trick. What will help is a good pressure washing that will leave all the nooks and crannies sparkling clean for the season.

For the most stubborn dirt and stains, you could rely on contemporary Karcher pressure washers to remove them all. With all the choices they offer in terms of water pressure, attachments, cleaning nozzles and power supply, as well as device size and capacity, no amount of heavy duty stains or deposits will present any trouble to you.

In addition to all the fun you can have while pressure cleaning, keep safety in mind and always wear the protective gear. Gear up with gloves, eyewear and boots, because the water from the pressure washer is extremely powerful and can seriously hurt your skin, if it comes directly in contact with it. The best advice is to go slowly and steadily along the paths and patio, covering all gaps and removing grime, dirt and mold.

Long-term preventive measures

Thinking long-term, in order to maintain your concrete surface properly, you should consider using elastomeric paints and concrete stains. Elastomeric paint is applied like any other paint, but its main purpose is to provide a protective coating. It forms a thick, elastic film on the surface, that hides all the hairline cracks, patches or any other irregularities. In addition to that, they also improve the appearance of the concrete surface.

Concrete stains instantly give your surfaces a great, clean look. They are permanent and permeate the top layer of concrete. They are also very durable, resistant to flaking or chipping. However, they need to be applied at least once a year as they do wear in high-traffic areas. It’s recommended you combine them with a concrete sealer that helps in repelling dirt and water, and prevents wear.

Concrete surfaces, patios and walkways have become more popular than ever. Their proper maintenance will ensure they stay clean and pleasing to the eye as well as practical and functional throughout the whole year. With tips listed here, you’ll be able to maintain your concrete surfaces quickly and easily, with minimal investment of your time and money. Your entire backyard will receive an instant makeover and you’ll have a beautiful space to relax in all year round.

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