How to Clear A Blocked Sewer Drain?

Having blocked sewer drain can really be unpleasant and it can occur many times due to different reasons. You may or may not choose to call a plumber when the situation happens depending upon the seriousness of the situation.

Here Are Some Primary Ways You Can Use to Fix Your Blocked Sewer Drain.

Blocked Sewer Drain

  1. Boiling Water: To fix your blocked drains, you can boil water up t and pour them into the drain. This is one of the very first primary methods and helps in loosen the blockage and thus solves the problem quite easily. You can’t use the plastic pipes as the hot water can melt the pipe, but you can easily use this method on metal or ceramic pipes.  This method is more efficient for the low blockages, not the solid ones. In case of plastic or PVC pipes, use hot water instead.
  2. Caustic Cleaner: The caustic drain cleaner chemicals are easily available in the market and this really helps you in getting rid of a blocked sewer drain. This helps in cleaning drains as they are highly capable of dissolving substances that leads to blockage like food, grease, and hair etc. Again, caustic cleaners are not helpful when the blockage contains the solid waste. However, this chemical is very harmful to the environment and should be used in a limited amount.
  3. DIY Natural Cleaner: To make the DIY drain cleaner you need baking soda and vinegar (white). To clean the blockage, you need to put baking soda first and then vinegar. The chemical reaction takes place between the two and it produces oxygen which helps in clearing out the blockage. This process needs to be repeated several times until the blockage gets completely cleared after that you can flush it with water, preferably hot but boiled.
  4. Using a Plunger:  You can use plunger even when the situation is a nominal blocked drain, as the household basins cleanup. To begin cleaning using a plunger, put it over the top of the clogged area and make a strong grip or seal. Once the seal is strong, put it up and down to create the pressure and help in loosening the blockage so that the flow can get normal again. Unlike other measures, plunging is very helpful in removing the solid blockages but at a certain level of it.
  5. A Plumber’s Snake: A plumber snake is a very useful tool to get rid of a blocked sewer drain. There is a rotating coil which is at the end of the cable and it’s spinning so fast which helps in cleaning the blockage. Now the thing with a  plumber’s snake is that they come only with a limited length which decides their range of cleaning the blockage. This is the reason why they need to be near the opening to be effective. These are easily available in the hardware stores, or you can hire a plumber or cleaner to do the job.
  6. Using a Hydro-jet: Hydro-jets can create a powerful stream of water through your pipes to clean up the blocked sewer drain. This method is very effective but not towards the solid blockages. The pressure created by the water helps in moving the blockage out of the pipe.
  7. Excavation: Sometimes, when the situation becomes too serious, you can go for excavation for your pipes. This involves digging the earth down and replacing or repairing the pipe according to the need.

The cleaning of a blocked sewer drain is very complicated, but you can use the above measures to solve the problem according to the situation.

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