Different Types of Commercial Doors for Your Business

When you walk through the entrance of your office, warehouse, factory or headquarters, you know the purpose for which you are walking in. The door itself needs to be aligned with that purpose which stands as your organization’s identity. commercial doors are specifically manufactured to suit a particular purpose. They work as an access passageway and even a line of protection. The purpose for which the door is designed defines its form and configuration. 

They come in various shapes and sizes, whether it is an interior setup for a bank or office, in which case fiber glass doors are the best call, or even a factory entrance gate, which has to be robust and resistant, in order to stand against fire or forced entry. There are primarily two types of commercial doors defined by the material used to make them. The materials are: 

  • Glass Doors
  • Metal Doors 

Based on their need, price and availability architects and engineers chose their doors. The best means to choose is to judge by purpose since all commercial doors are specific to their needs, both in design and location. Whether it is needed in an interior or exterior the designs are adjusted accordingly. The requirement of the type of material depends on the location where the door needs to be placed. 

Types of Commercial Doors Based on Their Purpose: 

#1. Glass Doors: Basically, used for an office setup and seen as a symbol transparency in a public organization, glass doors are designed to add glam in the interiors. They are available mostly in three compositions; fiberglass doors, full glass doors and aluminum and glass doors.

  • Full Glass Doors: As the name suggests these are made of safety glass so as to prevent easy shattering. They serve a decorative purpose in corporate environments and even media houses. You can come across commercial doors made of glass in expensive hospitals as well.
  • Fiberglass Doors: This type of door is knownto be long lasting, they are made of plastic matrix supporting fiber glass. Fiberglass doors help your budget drop a bit more as these synthetic doors are more widely manufactured. They are durable and are used as commercial doors in many types of organizations.
  • Aluminum with Glass: Low maintenance is the grand specialty of these doors, though they are not completely glass, so that they can be hard and durable. It can be easily polished and has a sleek appearance.

#2. Metal Doors: As reputable as the material already is, metal doors are hard, durable and strong. Used in factories and warehouses for protection and security. These doors can be adjusted and modified depending on the metal. Specialized metal doors made of alloy compounds are designed to secure precious rooms such bank vaults.

  • Roll Up Doors: The doors are designed with light material and adjustable contraption that allows you to push up and roll the door. These are most commonly used in home garages.
  • Fire Rated Doors: This commercial door is specifically manufactured to resist fire and is best suited for buildings with harmful that have risk of a fire outbreak.
  • Scissor Doors: A highly dense door made from superior quality steel for full security. These doors are designed to withstand forced entry and are used to protect the building. They can be seen in use by banks, warehouses and other such places.

Commercial Doors come in all shapes and sizes. It might come as no surprise as to why wooden doors are not used for commercial purposes other than serving to decorate the interior. Commercial doors vary based on their composition and purpose as they specifically used for different businesses.

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