Can Coronavirus be transmitted through Groceries?

The outbreak of the novel coronavirus has created apprehensions and panic amongst people. While every person around the world is maintaining social distancing, it’s challenging to disconnect when it is a matter of food. 

There are various guidelines and precautions released by the World Health Organization about practicing social distancing, isolation, and food safety. However, many are still unsure about the safe handling of groceries and whether coronavirus can be transmitted through groceries.

Various people handle the groceries purchased from supermarkets or grocery delivery apps until they finally reach us. Therefore, there’s always a question about the safety of groceries and the risk of contracting the disease. You should take care of yourself while buying steel items like Electric egg cooker, smart speakers and steel knives. 

According to the FDA, there’s no such evidence on the virus being transmitted through food and its packaging. However, there’s a risk of the virus being transmitted from an infected worker who hasn’t washed his hands after using the washroom. 

But to be on a safer side, here’s how you can practice safe handling of groceries without having to worry about contracting the disease. During the COVID-19 time in many countries, grocery delivery startups helped a lot of people to stay safe at home. 

How does coronavirus spread?

Coronavirus transmits when you come in contact with COVID-19 positive people. The virus can spread through tiny droplets from the nose or mouth of an infected person when that person sneezes, coughs, or exhales. It stays for a few hours or days on objects and surfaces and can be transmitted to another person if the person touches those surfaces and then touches his eyes or mouth. Foodborne exposure of coronavirus is not a method of transmission as of now.

For this reason, WHO recommends washing your hands multiple times in a day for about 20 seconds if you step out of the house. Alternatively, you can also use a Water pump for sanitizing your hands with pressure sanitize to kill any virus that you may have touched. It is always recommended to wash your hands, no matter if you are transferring to an urban area or to a remote area.  

The Bottom Line

As per WHO, Coronavirus can linger on vegetables and fruits that have been handled by an infected person. WHO recommends following the food safety guidelines they recommend and wash the groceries thoroughly before consumption. It also recommends washing or cleaning the grocery bag with a disinfectant spray. 

Even though there’s no evidence of coronavirus transmitting through groceries, following these guidelines will ensure that there’s no risk of contracting the virus from groceries.

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