All about the fire curtain system

Modern technology has changed the way human society works today. A number of task including the security and safety department have advanced a lot owing to the advancements in technology. Fire curtain system is one such advancement of the fire curtain system which has proved to be boon for the protection of both life and property. The fire curtain system is used to protect buildings in case of a fire by separating the parts of building into different sections and hence cutting down the flow of fire in the property.

The fire curtains are set up along the walls or the different separation walls of different compartments inside a building or an open space such as a warehouse. There are basically three types of fire curtain systems, and these could be described as such:-

  • Automatic fire curtain: – Automatic fire curtains are the ones that are connected to the fire alarms, and are hence, suspend automatically when the fire alarm goes off. These fire curtains are not placed permanently but suspend from the ceiling in the situation of a fire.
  • Static fire curtain system: – Static fire curtain systems are the ones that are placed permanently at their place along the separation walls of different parts or compartments of the building. These are, thus, different from the automatic fire curtains in this regard.
  • Insulated fire curtain: – The insulated fire curtains make up for the third type of fire curtain system. These further provide for the people trapped inside a building on fire to pass closely along the wall with the curtain without being hurt or affected by heat of the fire on the other side of the fire curtain.
    Though there are a number of perks of the fire curtain system, a few of them could be listed as such:-
  • Property protection: – Fire can be extremely destructive when it spreads inside a building. It can destroy every single thing inside the place and can turn it into ashes. This is why dividing the inside of a building into insulated compartments to cut off the spread of fire into the whole of the building proves to be a rewarding way to minimize the loss.
  • Life safety: – It is often heard that all the people trapped inside a building on fire could not be saved and were burnt alive. Such accidents can be avoided pretty well with the use of a fire curtain system as the curtains cut off the easy speared of fire and hence allow a passage to the people trapped inside the building. The curtains make fire free zones inside the building in case of a fire in the building by halting the spread into every single section of the building.
  • Allow time to firefighters:- Although, the emergency response of the firefighters arrives as quickly as they can on the spot of situation, yet if the fire is uncontrolled, it can quickly spread inside the property and shall leave very little for the fighters to actually save. This is where the fire curtains can be the ultimate situation as they allow for a considerable time to the firefighters before the fire actually takes over everything inside the property.
  • Fire escape: – Escape routes when occupied fire, the death of people inside becomes certain. To protect the life of all inside an emergency situation, the escape routes have to be covered with fire curtain systems so that these routes are kept safe from fire when people actually need them to escape.

Having considered the perks of the fire curtain system, it comes clear that these are a rewarding find and add immensely to the security of both property and human life in case of fire accidents.
It must be understood that a lot depends upon the choice of your service provider and the quality of product and services delivered by the concerned provider. This is why the choice has always to be made wisely.
Assessing the reviews of the previous clients of the concerned service provider of the fire curtains system can further help you assess the quality of services catered by them. The past experiences of people who have bought the product from them can certainly shower some light on your future experience if you choose to buy your fire curtains from the same service provider.

Furthermore, having discussed the three different types of fire curtain system, you should pick out the best type for yourself as every type of curtain has its own benefits and let downs. The choice has to be made after considering the type of building that you need to install it in. You need to choose after considering whether the concerned building is an open–space or an enclosed building.

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