What To Expect From Your Lawyer?

Once you have found your Lawyer to handle an issue or matter for you, then you need to know to want you can expect from your Lawyer.

What should you expect from your lawyer in particular in regard to the Conduct of your matter, Communication, Competence, Ethics, Fees.  Here is a summary of what you should expect from your Lawyer, which should be used as a guide once you have engaged your Lawyer.

Conduct of your matter: Your Lawyer should ensure initial instructions from you provide sufficient and reasonable information, so they are able to provide you with the advice you understand and advice which enables you to give informed consent as to the proposed course of conduct in your matter.  Your Lawyer should ensure you are made aware of significant changes in circumstances which will then enable you to make informed decisions as to any change in the future conduct of your matter.

Communication: Ensure there is prompt, efficient and informative communication with you at all times.  Ensure they act in a manner which ensures that does not result in unnecessary delays and ensures that a matter can be handled in a commercial manner.  Ensure they take all reasonable steps to ensure you understand how your matter is handled and enable you to consent to the proposed course of action and costs.

Ethics: Provide here a link to the Legal Profession Uniform Law Australian Solicitors’ Conduct Rules 2015. “The purpose of these Rules is to assist solicitors to act ethically and in accordance with the principles of professional conduct established by the common law and these Rules”.  https://www.legislation.nsw.gov.au/regulations/2015-244.pdf

Fees: Your Lawyer should charge you fair and reasonable costs and keep you informed about significant changes in total legal costs.  Your Lawyer should inform you of your basic rights to a costs agreement, progress reports, the billing method and access to dispute resolution.

As A Summary What Should You Expect From Your Lawyer:

  • Provide you with the advice you understand;
  • Enable you to give informed consent as to the conduct of your case;
  • Advise you of any significant changes so as to enable you to make any changes in regard to the future conduct of your case;
  • Ensure your matter is handled so there are no unnecessary delays;
  • Ensure your matter is handled in a commercial manner;
  • Charge you fair and reasonable costs;
  • Keep you informed of significant changes in your total legal costs; and
  • Ensure the prospects of you achieving the desired result, the best result is optimised.
Leonidas Lawyers

Leonidas Lawyers

We always aim to meet our client's expectation and then exceed those expectations. We pay attention to details, provide one solution approach to matters and clear and predictable schedule of fees.

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