Types of Musical Instruments You Need to Know

Most people love music, and everybody enjoys it in different ways. Some people like to listen to different kinds of music while some like a specific genre. Some listen to instrumental tones while others like to play them. Playing a musical instrument enables you to express yourself and tune into your true nature.

Some people play musical instruments as a hobby while some play them for meditation and relaxation. There are a variety of musical instruments that you can enjoy learning and playing. Let us check some common instruments that any person can learn and play.


A piano is a type of classical instrument played by people for decades. It is one of the most versatile devices as it can play classical, jazz, and many other types of music. The modern day piano has 88 keys out of which 36 are black, and 52 are white. Playing the piano can help people get relief from everyday stress and relax their mind and body.


Keyboards are a type of electronic piano that are easy to play and maintain. They are smaller than a traditional piano and portable. Keyboards can produce a wide range of tones and sounds for classical, pop, rock, jazz and rock music. They are the best instruments for beginners, home users and non-professional users. It is easy to learn to play a keyboard as the teachers are available for keyboard but not for piano.


A guitar is a string instrument and is usually seen in music concerts and events. Almost every music lover has seen a guitar whether they play it or not. The users play it by strumming the strings with one hand using a pick and fretting them with other hand across the length of guitar. Learning to play the guitar can develop social skills and self-confidence in children. Moreover, it improves the concentration, focus and memory in the players. 


Violin is another string instrument that produces a high pitch sound. It looks like a guitar, but it is much different from guitar. A guitar is played by strumming the strings while a violin is played by sliding a bow on the strings. Violins and produce high pitch tones that are useful for composing jazz, folk, metal and country music. Musicians know the benefits of playing the violin that includes discipline, concentration and coordination.

Drum Set

Drums are the oldest type of musical instruments used by people for centuries. They are available in a variety of types and sizes. Players use sticks to play the drums that are known as beaters. There is a variety of playing sticks made of wood or fibre. Not all but some drums are tunable, and users can tune them to vary the sound produced on beating them.

Drums are hollow and there is a membrane known as head. Some drums have a membrane on one side while others have it on both the sides. The membrane is beaten by the sticks to produce a low pitch sound. You can find the drum kit for sale on the musical instrument shops and online marketplaces like Amazon.


A flute is an instrument from the woodwind family that produces a sound by the flow of air across its body. The player blows the air with his mouth into the main hole of the flute and changes the tone by opening and closing the holes across its length. The traditional flutes were made, or wood, but the modern instruments are available in a variety of materials like nickel, brass, silver, and gold. The prices of the flute vary according to the material.


A saxophone is also a type of woodwind instrument, but it is made of brass. Users play it with a mouthpiece, and it is mostly used in the classical, jazz music and military bands. There are nine types of saxophone, but the Soprano, Alto, Tenor, and Baritone are the four most popular types. A saxophone is there for all regardless of their short or long height.


A trumpet is another type of woodwind instrument that is used by blowing the air in it by mouth. It is usually made up of brass and used by blowing the air to create vibrations in its tube. Learning and playing the trumpet is difficult as it requires proper control over breathing to blow the right amount of air in the tube. It can be one of the most difficult to learn musical instruments, and you need a qualified instructor to learn to play the trumpet.

Final Words

These are the most common types of musical instruments used by musicians. Some people also play these instruments as they love playing them in their leisure time for relaxation. Ancient people used many other instruments, but they are not much popular nowadays. The ones mentioned in this post are enough to sooth the mind, body and tune into nature.


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