Sydney’s hidden gems of Mediterranean cuisine

If you are thinking of visiting Sydney, you should not miss its culinary offer. The city which is a melting pot of nations has a vast number of international restaurants worth visiting. Its numerous sights will leave you breathless and all the strolling along the vivid city streets will make you crave for some delicious food. You are lucky to be at the right place. Just select your favourite Mediterranean restaurant and recharge in no time!

Get relaxed at Voulez Vous

Those of you who are looking for a perfect hideout where you could easily unwind should definitely hit 6 Hunt Street and discover the cosy little restaurant called Voulez Vous. You can slouch in a quirky chair with your friends and forget about all of your troubles. Their offer of Mediterranean and Serbian dishes is unsurpassed. Taste their delicious pizzas coming from wood-fired oven.

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Enjoy the delicacies at Café Mint

If you go to 579 Crown St you will discover the perfect restaurant called Café Mint. What you could do there is try Mediterranean flavours along with some Middle Eastern ones. Be sure to come there with a lot of friends and enjoy their shared plates with generous portions. If you are looking for something gluten-free to grab a bite of, the place is perfect for you. You must try their seafood tagine and the delicious wine. You will definitely get enchanted by the marvellous wine and you will want to take some home. Visit bottle shops Sydney CBD and get some at reasonable prices.

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Visit Lumi Bar & Dining

The place called Lumi Bar & Dining is located at 56 Pirrama Road. The setting is picture-perfect and you will easily indulge in the delicious food and comfortable environment. Their offer of degustation menus is impeccable. Go for oysters, rhubarb, red miso and lime kosho and see why the place is one of the locals’ favourite ones.

Discover Piato Restaurant

You will discover the authentic hospitality of a Mediterranean family house once you reach 123 Blues Point Road where Piato Restaurant is. The service is fantastic and the food delicious. Check out their warm seared beef fillet and tiger prawn and Penne cacciatore.

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Get spoiled at Lucio’s

One of the finest Italian restaurants is placed at 47 Windsor St. Art connoisseurs will love Lucio’s as it is brimming with master pieces of art. The art itself is Australian but all the dishes served are Italian. Anatra arrosto cont radicchio alla griglia is the delicious duck you need to try. Do not forget to taste their delicious wine and be ready to be completely spoiled at the cosy Italian place.

Try the delicacies of Otto Ristorante

Go to 6 Cowper Wharf Road and discover Otto Ristorante which is full of gems of Mediterranean cuisine. The staff is attentive and highly professionals and the dishes they serve are remarkable. Try their salt and pepper fried calamari with chilli aioli. The restaurant has a wide range of vegan dishes so you should try roasted cauliflower, preserved truffles, hazelnuts.

Sydney is the perfect place to try out the vast offer of Mediterranean dishes in Australia. There are a lot of cosy restaurants with delicious food and wine you need to try. You will definitely fall for their exquisite wines and want to come back for more. Bon appetite!


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