Rakshabandhan Festival Special Activities for Kids


More than us adults, kids are the ones who quite eagerly look forward to celebrating the joyous festival of Raksha Bandhan, every year. But the question is “what exactly do they look forward to” as it’s quite presumptuous of us to expect them to understand the significance and the rituals of the festivities. Every year, the toddlers look forward to gracing this pious occasion with their creativity and imagination as it tends to get unveiled over these special activities for kids that we have mentioned below. If you have a little one at home who is looking forward to having a blast with these Raksha Bandhan celebrations then you can choose to make it a memorable day for them by arranging any of these below mentioned fun activities.

1. Crafting A Rakhi At Home – In order to give wings to their creativity and imagination, DIY rakhi tops the list of fun activities that you can absolutely arrange for. You can initiate them to craft a cool rakhi for kids of their age to help them mark this day on a beautiful note. You can urge them to make use of the waste or used products to produce a recycled kind of rakhi. Something like this will teach them the importance of the three R’s – recycle, reuse and reduce.

2. Making A Rakhi Greeting Card – Nothing conveys your Rakhi greetings in a priceless manner than a Rakhi greeting card. Greeting cards are cliched, no doubt but are surely a classic gift option and a fun activity when indulged in DIY-ing.

3. Rakhi Thali Decoration Competition – Call one, call all! This year’s rakhi celebrations will be filled with lots of fun times as you organise a rakhi thali decoration competition for all the little ones of your family. They will surely have a gala time decorating each component of the rakhi thali like roli, chawal, diya, dry fruits, mishri, etc., along with encouraging them to fill the rakhi thali with their creativity.

4. Watching Animated Movies – Cartoons are their life, so organise a movie marathon for the little one to have a rakhi celebration to remember for the rest of their lives. You can stream it online on some reputed platform like Netflix, Amazon Prime, etc. or can play it over DVD, pen drive, etc. Pop up some popcorn for them and let them enjoy their time as we all oldies have a nice long chit-chat session.

5. Play Some Interactive Games – Let the good times roll as you encourage your little fellows to play some interactive yet interesting game which could be even educational. Pictionary, Atlas or Dumbsherades are few of the interactive games that will help your child bond well with his/her fellow cousins.

6. Guess Who – Gather your Lil ones as you display some childhood family photographs to introduce them to their ancestors. Doing so will get cultivated enough as they will get to know about their family and their background. Don’t just let them know as it is, see who can guess whose picture is your dis[laying – this is how they will learn more about their family. Also, it will not just be a fun activity for the little ones but also is sure to leave the biggies feeling nostalgic, as you urge them all to take a walk down the memory lane.

So, this was all it! These were a few fun rakhi activities that you can encourage and organise for your little members of the house. Bring on the fun times as you celebrate the joyous festival of siblinghood over these fun activities.

Happy Raksha Bandhan to all!

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