How to Grow and Harvest Your Own Wheatgrass for Juicing

Wheatgrass for Juicing

While you can enjoy the health benefits of wheatgrass by purchasing freeze-dried wheatgrass tablets or powders, or buying it freshly juiced at a health food store like Australia, it is far more convenient and less expensive to grow and juice your own. Growing your own wheat grass is easy to do. Here’s how.

Step 1

Measure 1 ½ cups of wheat berries and place them in a large canning jar. Fill the jar with cool water. Cover it with a swatch of cheese cloth secured by a rubber band, and allow the seed to soak overnight or approximately 12 hours.

Step 2

Drain the water from the seed. Refill the jar with water to rinse the seed, and drain once more.

Step 3

Fill the growing tray with soil to a depth of ½ inch. Place one handful of the mineral fertilizer in the tray and, using your fingers mix it in lightly to distribute it throughout the soil. Firm the soil, and using an atomizer or the hose at your kitchen sink, gently saturate the soil with water.

Step 4

Evenly distribute the sprouted wheatgrass seed on the surface of the damp soil and tamp it down lightly with your hands. The wheat berries should be packed very close together with each grain making contact with the soil.

Step 5

Arrange sheets of paper towels, four layers thick, over the seed. Press this down firmly so that it makes contact with the soil, and thoroughly soak the paper towels using an atomizer or your kitchen sink’s hose.

Step 6

Allow the tray to sit over your sink until it finishes draining any excess water. Then, transfer the tray to a warm sunny spot such as a shelf near a window.

Step 7

Twice a day, thoroughly spritz the paper towels with water to ensure that the seeds remain moist.

Step 8

In three to five days the wheatgrass will sprout up and lift the paper towels by an inch or so. At this point, remove the paper towels, and continue to give the wheatgrass a sunny window and a good soaking with water at least once per day.

Step 9

Depending on the air temperature, the wheatgrass will be ready to harvest in 10 to 15 days, when it is about 7 inches tall. Simply grab a hefty handful of grass blades and cut as close as possible to the soil using a pair of sharp scissors.

Step 10

Your wheatgrass is now ready for juicing. Simply cut the grass as needed, process it using any slow-speed auger style juicer, and enjoy as a healthy energy boosting supplement in small shots totaling 1-2 ounces at a time.

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