How to double-secure your children during a family trip?

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One of the biggest problems for every parent who is taking their family on a trip is how to make sure that the children are safe at all times, while enjoying their time with friends or family. Unfortunately, we can often read about more or less serious accidents and unfortunate events that involve children away from home.
So, what is it that we can do to prevent such problems or at least minimise the consequences? Well, here are just some of the things many parents who believe in being over prepared can do.


Leave a note
If you think there is a chance your child may be lost while travelling, make sure you leave a note in their backpack, pocket or fanny pack (but not somewhere people can see it), stating their name and phone numbers of the adult family members, who can be reached in case the child gets lost.


Write down important info
You may also include the destination you’re travelling to, flight number or any other information that might help someone track you down and reunite you with your child. Some parents write such information on kids’ arms using a marker which comes off easily. No matter what option you choose, it’s important to teach your kids to ask a police officer or a mother with her own kids for help in case you get separated.


Business cards
You can also take your business card or one from the hotel you’re staying at and put them in your kids’ pockets, teaching them the name of the hotel. Again, it’s vital you tell them who they can trust and ask for help.


Some people use hospital ID bracelets to write their name and phone number on and put one on each child. This can be useful not only when travelling, but also when visiting any crowded places, such as a stadium or shopping mall. Others, on the other hand, invest a bit more and go for metal ID bracelets and have the contact information engraved on them.


Pre-trip check-up
Just like many parent pay a visit to the doctor to make sure their kids are healthy, you should give your car the same amount of attention, since it will be responsible for the lives of those dearest to you if you decide to drive to your holiday destination. Among many generally popular and accepted safety tips, the most important one is of course to have you car inspected by a trusted car mechanic.


Tracking your kids
There are many wearables available aimed at helping you locate your child at any time. Depending on the price, you might even have the option to communicate with your child, which is particularly useful if you’re, for example, spending your holiday camping, when kids tend to explore the environment sometimes too freely. A similar GPS tracking device can also be installed inside your car, in case it gets stolen.


Tell them to stay put or find a landmark
Experts advise that a child should not try to find their parents, but rather stay put in case they get lost. Alternatively, if your child is mature enough, you can make a deal to meet at a certain place, which should not be the entrance or parking lot of an amusement park. It helps if you identify landmarks together, so that you’re sure they understand what they need to look for in case they get lost.


No matter how careful you are, you may lose track of your child for a few second, which is often all they need to stray away. To prevent that or to be able to find them quickly, you need to make sure they have contact information with them, either in their pocket or a backpack.


You need to teach them not to look for you, unless you’ve agreed to meet at a certain place, but stay where they are and ask a police officer or other official for help. Most importantly, in case your child gets lost, you need to report is asap, since every second counts.

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