Guide to the Best 5 Australia Beach Vacations

Australia has a lot of nice beaches that are frequently crowded by travelers around the world. You should definitely plan your next getaway to an Australian beach if you dream about going on a perfect beach vacation. The following are the top 5 beaches for those who are planning for Australia beach vacations.

1. Bondi Beach


Bondi beach is a landmark of Sydney; it is the most popular beach around here. It has soft sand that feels comfortable to walk on bare feet. You will relish at the cool water that bathes your feet as you walk in the shallow water at the seaside. Bondi beach is a fabulous beach for those who enjoy water sports. However, it is not safe for swimming due to the strong currents. Behind the beach is a beautiful cultivated green lawn suitable for picnic. Bondi beach is ideal for people who like to watch seaside scenery, listen to ocean waves, and bathe in the sun.

2. Whitehaven Beach

. Whitehaven Beach

Whitehaven Beach is a protected beach in Whitsunday Islands National Park. It is situated on Whitsunday island which is at the center of the Great Barrier. The eco friendly beach is well known for super white sand that comes from the white silica properties. Sailing, snorkeling, and swimming are some of the activities that you can perform at the beach. If you don’t want to swim, you can go strolling at the seaside and relish the warm waves that keeps washing ashore. You can visit the Tongue Point via a tour to get a clear view on the Hill Inlet. Helicopter and seaplane to the beach are available for hire.

3. Cable Beach


Cable Beach is the beach where you can watch camel trains. If you want to be one of them that ride on the camel, you can join the camel ride tour. You will get to feed the camel if you join the camel ride. Cable Beach is a great place to go for a morning walk. As you go strolling, you can pick up different types of shells on the seaside. The water is warm like the water from a water heater shower which makes it perfect for wading. Umbrellas and lounges are available at the beach. It is popular among the millennial travellers.  There are plenty of parking spaces and you can easily reach it by bus.

4. Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach

Four Mile Beach is a four mile long curve golden sand beach that is lined with palm trees in Port Douglas. The long beach is great for couples who want to go strolling during the sunset. There are lifeguards that patrol around the area as the beach is known for jellyfish stings. There have also been signs of crocodiles in the ocean water. You can rent a lounge and umbrella and watch the scenery at the ocean. Lots of crabs are seen by the seashore every day. The firm sand allows the wheel of your pram to move smoothly without any problem. Four Mile Beach is often crowded with lots of people. If you want privacy, you can walk to the south end of the beach.

5. Bells Beach

bell beach Australia

Bells Beach is a popular beach for surfing because it frequently get large swollen waves. It has been the place for holding surfing competitions starting from 1961. Famous surfing competition like Rip Curl Pro Bells Beach is held at this beach. During low tide, you can go fishing at the reefs. There are many high cliffs where you can have a nice view of the Southern Ocean. While at the beach, you can observe sculptures created by artists like Wave sculpture.

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