Everything You Need to Know About Renting A Dress in Sydney


With one of the most fashion-conscious populations on the planet, it is no surprise that Sydney is also one of the best places to slip into some serious style. Home to many top designers, Sydney is also one of the best places to get your hands on the most inspired styles of the season — and thanks to Dress rental boutiques, you can slip into these sartorial masterpieces for less.


What are dress rental boutiques?


In case the idea of dress rentals are new to you — or in case you thought they were limited to costumes or wedding dresses — here’s a run-down of the rising dress rental phenomena. As the name implies, dress rental boutiques allow you to rent dresses. Some boutiques are brick and mortar, some are online, some are both. These stores offer you the chance to rent gorgeous dresses, gowns, outfits and accessories for special occasions for a fraction of what it would have cost to buy that same ensemble. We’re talking thousands of dollars worth of designer garb for as little as $100. It’s a massively sweet and stylish deal.



What’s more, you can get your hands on many of the hottest new designs of the season, so you aren’t stuck with last year’s (or last decades) cast offs. The best boutiques will always have the newest arrivals. Looking for a Self Portrait dress hire? Or Alex Perry? Or Thurley? If the designer in vogue, chances are, it’s in stock.


Renting a Dress in Sydney


One of the biggest perks about renting a dress in a urban centre like Sydney is that you are assured a quick delivery, fast exchanges and easy returns. This is especially helpful if you’re renting a dress online. (Just search for online dress rental Sydney, and you’ll see a spread of reputable boutiques.) While it can take a couple days for a dress to get to you if you live outside of a major city, you can have it as soon as the next day. Of course, you can also book in advance if you don’t need it right away, but the point is you will get it in plenty of time. What’s more, most rental businesses will let you keep it for a few days, so there’s no need to rush to return it.


Don’t just rent the dress: rent the entire outfit.


Don’t like the fit? Like we said, you’re in an urban centre, so it’s easy to get another dress to you in time for the event. In many cases, you can exchange under a fit guarantee, meaning exchanging for another size is free. Some boutiques also offer you the opportunity to snag a back-up dress for under $30, so you are covered in case you’ve left rental until the last minute, and aren’t sure your first pick is going to look prime.


Sydney Shipping & Return Policies


Not only is shipping free, but so are returns, so it’s one less thing to worry about (and pay for!). Oh, and other complimentary services will often include dry cleaning included (which means they’ll take care of it and you don’t have to) as well as accidental damage insurance (which means there’s no need to sweat minor rips and snags).


Renting a dress is all about taking the financial and organisational stress out of getting ready for special events. So, if you live and Sydney and are looking to dress your best, for less, you’re in luck: this city is where dress rental dreams are made!


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