Essential Fashion Pieces Every Guy Must Own

Your wardrobe doesn’t need to necessitate enough closet space to build a nuclear missile, but every guy should have at least a few fundamental fashion pieces to keep his style relevant.

And staying relevant is important. It shows that you are plugged into the pulse of the world: that you know (and care) about what’s going on. It also shows that you take pride in your appearance, which is indicative of confidence and self-respect.

It’s not about staying totally immersed in cutting-edge fashion, but rather picking and choosing the pieces you like, and that speak to your style. Those are the pieces you have to select for yourself. However, there are basic items that every guy needs that will lay the foundations of just about any look.

Read on to find out what they are.

1) The Basic T

Ah, the basic t-shirt. It’s a style staple for men and women alike: one that can be worn to work, an a date or hardcore chilling on the couch. It can be worn as part of many layers, or solo as the main attraction.

Stock up on the regular colors, like black, white and grey, but then also get colors, patterns and cuts that complement your shape and skin color. For instance, you can show off your hard work at the gym with a slim fit, V-neck tee, and if you have olive skin, a deep red hue would look dynamite.

2) Sneakers

Not to be confused with running shoes, sneakers aren’t meant to serve as training gear. Sure, they are super comfortable for walking and have a definite sporty look, but they are not part of your athletic garb  — or they shouldn’t be. Your training shoes should be made specifically for that activity to ensure the best performance.

A classic pair of quality men’s sneakers is incredibly stylistically versatile. They can be worn with jeans, or shorts, or lounge pants or swim trunks, khakis or cargos. They are basically the go-to shoe for any casual look.

3) The Ubiquitous Jean

It’s obvious that jeans are a fundamental fashion item, but the key to finding the perfect essential denim bottom comes down to finding jeans that can transition from super casual to more dressy occasions, like a party or a business casual work environment.

This means you need your jeans to be clean-cut and non-distressed: no rips, or fading, and the color should be uniform. Keeping it streamlined and neat will help you capitalize on the eccumenical capabilities of your jeans.

4) The Bomber


Confident, cool and super sexy, the bomber jacket looks great on just about anyone. Whether you wear it in leather or suede or a slick blend, the bomber can do no wrong. Wear it with your jeans and a tee, or with dress pants, a crisp dress shirt and a tie: this jacket has serious scope.

5) The Knit SweaterEvery guy needs some knitwear. A classic knit sweater is the quintessential piece of sweater-wear, boasting the comfy casual abilities of your favorite sweatshirt but with the added ability to transition to less chill occasions, like a night at the theatre or a date.

If you have these five fundamental pieces, you have the foundations of a great style spread. Get the colours and fits you love, but make sure you get this gear.

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