Enhance Your Bed Look with Bed Sheets and Quilt Covers

Don’t you want to have a sound sleep after a tedious day? Nothing can be as comfortable as a nicely made bed ready for you once you come back home and throw yourself in the bed. The very first thing that will come in contact with your body and help you to relax in the bed sheet. A major section of people tend to believe that only a superior quality mattress can give you the required comfort and support, but the bed sheet also contributes in the process of making you feel relaxed.

A major section of people tends to decide their bed cover based on the design and texture it has. However, in reality, the decision of settling on a bed cover should never be limited to the design only. The buyers are required to invest in something that can ensure the real value of their money. Starting from material to weaving technique, every single thing needs to be taken into consideration for selecting a bed cover from the wide variety of sheets and quilt covers.

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Check out some of those factors that you should be taken care of while selecting the right bed cover.

Cover Material

The very first and most important factor that you are required to check is surely the material. Although the decision depends on your personal choice and requirement, each material has its own sets of merits and demerits that you must know before you settle for any decision. Cotton is undoubtedly the most common and popular choice for people who long for comfort and durability at the same time.

The long staple fibers of cotton make the bed sheets luxurious. Linen and Supima cotton are two most popular choices among the cotton sheets because of softness and plush these materials offer. On the other hand, poly blend sheets are equally popular among the urban crowd. Easy to maintain and wash, these sheets remain free from wrinkle formation. This very feature makes this particular cover appropriate for those who do not get enough time on hand for organising their bed frequently.

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Thread counting

Although most of the people ignore the importance of getting the thread count of the material before buying the bed sheet, thread counting is essential as it decides the softness of the fabric. The common perception regarding thread counting suggests that the more thread count a particular material will have, the softer it will be. However, the case is not always the same. There are a few fabrics that are quite soft despite having less thread count. For instance, the Egyptian cotton feels more lenient than the ones having more thread count. Moreover, bed sheets having maximum thread counts are far more costly than the ones that have less amount of thread count. As there is no such difference in quality between excess thread counts and that of its counterpart, spending extra money on the extra threaded fabric will prove to be useless.

Weather condition

Seasonality or weather condition is another determinant for choosing a comfortable bed sheet. You are required to change the quilt covers based on the seasons to feel the comfort. For instance, in summer you should choose nothing but linen bed sheets for enjoying the required breathability while sleeping or resting. On the other hand, in winter, you will need something with a bit weight in it. The massive weaving and additional thread counts of those winter special bed covers will let you keep yourself warm in the extreme winter.

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Correct Size

Most people tend to buy the bed covers with standard size assuming that it will serve every purpose. In various cases, they end up tucking the corners of a small sheet inside the mattress by force. To avoid this situation, you need to know the exact size of your mattress and that of your bed. It will be quite easy to determine whether your bed is kind or queen size based on the measurement. Going for online shopping will let you know the accurate size of your bed and match it with the sizes available in the online stores.


Appearance is surely an important aspect of any bed cover along with its color. A bright yet subtle bed cover can brighten up your entire room as soon as you spread it on your bed. Look for different patterns as well as solid colored bed covers that complement the color and design of your walls and complement it perfectly. You can also buy the bed cover by contrasting it with the color of your curtains for added beauty.

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