Bus Charter For Your Down Under Adventures

Those who love road trips around the beautiful regions in Australia will certainly know the value of hiring coach buses and minibuses to navigate your way around the country. While domestic air flights are certainly convenient, it’s easy to agree that you will miss out lots of amazing sights on the ground since you only get a bird eye’s view from the top. Also, minibus and coach bus hire make more economical sense when you are travelling in a group on day trips or when you are just travelling across one region.

In Australia, minibuses usually offer between 13 seats to 24 seats while coach buses offer 33 seats up to 70 seats. Depending on the size of your travel group, you can easily choose the most ideal vehicle to fit within your budget. Whether you are exploring Sydney, Melbourne, Perth or other cities, bus charter services are readily available to suit your travel plans. Well, here’s a brief list of events and activities that make it worthwhile to get a bus rental.

Sports Events

AFL Grand Final

Traditionally held on the last Saturday in September or first Saturday in October, this is one of the epic events you have to catch if you love football. The Australian Football League (AFL) has become very much a part of the Australian culture and is attended by millions of fans to crown the team who will walk away with the Premiership Cup. You and your gang of football-loving buddies can travel to the Melbourne Cricket Ground conveniently with bus hire and your day won’t be wrecked with the hassles of finding parking at the crowded venue.

Australian Open

Just like how you and your buddies want to travel in comfort to attend the AFL Grand Final, you can also use a bus rental to make your way to Melbourne Park in January to see the biggest names in the tennis world vie for the Daphne Akhurst Trophy and Norman Brookes Trophy. The Australian Open is not about tennis only, as there are live entertainment and concerts held in conjunction with this sporting event so you can expect to have lots of fun during the two-week event.



Summernats or Summer Nationals is a popular annual event held in Canberra that features three and a half days of pumping auto action. From precision driving demos to burnout battles to top street machine judging competitions, it’s simply a celebration that car aficionados cannot miss. Unless you are one of those entrants in the judging events, using minibus charter to bring you, your family and friends to this top-notch event will make sure that everyone can enjoy the event without worrying who’s going to be the tired soul behind the wheel on your way back from Canberra!

Adelaide Festival of Arts

Since its inception in 1960, the Adelaide Festival of Arts has helped to establish South Australia as a premier festival destination. With performing artists from across the globe bringing the most exciting acts across dance, theatre, music, literature, visual arts, and more, be prepared to experience an eclectic array of world-class acts. The performances take place across the city so if you are trying to catch different events, you can easily get around Adelaide with a hired minibus.


Day Trips

Whether you are exploring the Blue Mountains or Yarra Valley, bus charter is the preferred option for both locals and foreigners going on day trips. Especially when it comes to outer Sydney or Melbourne suburbs, all you want to do is to kick back and relax on the ride while enjoying the magnificent views of rolling hills and rambling brooks. A day trip for tourists within the city centre also often involves travelling to and fro different points of interest on a tight schedule so using public transport can be a hassle for those with a big travelling group. That’s why bus hire is the perfect solution for downtown day trips too.

Wine Tours

For those going on wine tours in Australia, the last thing you want to do is to be drinking and then driving. Wine tours are a major travel attraction in the Land Down Under and attendees will be visiting different wineries and sampling different types of wines. More often than not, sampling wines is just a starter and wine lovers will know that sips will quickly turn into glasses after glasses of wines on these tours. Self-driving on such a tour is definitely a no-no so when you get bus hire with a dedicated chauffeur, you have nothing to worry about when it comes to transportation.

As you can see, bus charter is the perfect solution to help you explore a wide variety of adventures in Australia. Have you ever used bus rental services in Australia before? Do share your experiences with us!


Gemma is a guest contributor to Adore Australia

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