Benefits of Building a Green Roof – You must know!

Green roof comprises of multiple benefits at ecological, economic and societal levels. A green roof helps in providing rainwater buffer, used for purifying air and even reduced ambient temperature. It helps in regulating indoor temperature, encourages biodiversity in the city and saves energy, at the same time. Green roofs are mainly part of the climate-proof construction. If that wasn’t enough, people are quite happier in a green environment rather than staying constricted in grey environments. Before you get any further and book for a green roof for your place, let’s just get down with the benefits involved.


  • Provides perfect rainwater buffer:

A green roof helps in absorbing rainwater by just water buffering in plants, drainage and substrate layer. This delay in discharging rainwater to sewage system helps in purifying rainwater. Water, in this regard, evaporates through plants. It helps in stabilizing groundwater level, reduces peak load on the sewage system and even reduces the risk of flooding.

  • Perfect for purifying air:

The plants in the green roof filter help in particulate matter from air and convert the CO2 into oxygen. So, once you have added a green roof, you are actually contributing to the air purification.

  • Helps in reducing ambient temperature:

Plants help in absorbing sunlight. Around 50% is absorbed and 30% gets reflected. This helps in creating cooler and even pleasant climate. For the indoor climate, the air conditioner does not have to work that hard as the temperature remains cooler. This step, in turn, helps in saving energy. This part has another positive effect on climate in the immediate vicinity of building and on a temperature in the city. It means green roof offers 3 degree Celsius temperature reduction in a city.

  • Increases the efficiency of solar panel:

A green roof helps in reducing the temperature on a roof. Thanks to the cooler roof, the solar panels’ efficiency is quite high and you can reduce the total energy costs to a great extent.

  • Helps in reducing ambient noise inside and outside:

A green roof will act as a perfect sound barrier to a building. It helps in absorbing sound and provides a quieter environment, both outside and inside of the building.

  • Helps in extending the lifespan of the roof:

A green roof helps in protecting roofing materials from external influences like rain, sun, temperature fluctuations, wind and more. Moreover, it can double or triple up lifespan of a roof to around 60 years, if not more. You can easily recoup investments in green roof within 8 to around 21 years.

  • Perfect in adding value to the building:

The sustainable and natural appearance of a green roof, well combined with a reduction in energy costs and even extension of lifespan of a roof, means an increase in the value of your property. So, you will get more money for your place with a green roof, when compared to one without such a roof.

  • Increases the level of biodiversity and creates a fire resistive layer:

The herbs, host plants, sedums and grasses as included in a green roof, help in promoting habitat of butterflies, birds and insects. It is a delight to watch mainly in a city environment, which is solely asphalt and concrete. Not only that, but the plants naturally comprise of moisture. With a perfect green roof, you can always create a natural fire-resistant layer on office or house building.

  • Increases feeling of well-being:

Working and living in a green environment has a positive effect on the well-being of people. Most of the time, greenery helps in offering relaxation and helps in reducing stress to a great extent.

These points are enough to prove the value and importance of green roof. You can get one right one from reliable roofing companies, always down to help.


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