All you need to know about various kinds of car racing

Well, we have been racing cars ever since Ford came out with its first patented engine, and since then, this particular sport seems to have evolved into newer formats, faster ones and ones that are inherently dangerous as well. If you are wondering about car racing, then you need to know that there are various types of car racing with some even developing the said race into a scheduled sporting event as well.

Check out some of the top car racing variants, that’s still in vogue, even today.

  • Formula racing: This is indubitably the most well known form of car racing; it is a professional event that’s held seasonally at various locations around the world, around a circuit that’s been built for the same. Even the cars are specifically made for the event, and are often designed to travel at extremely high rates of speed which is why they need a racing circuit, custom made, for holding the event. The most famous one of all formula racing car events would be Monaco grand prix, in North America. And naturally, when the racing event consists of high speed races, a few crashes may happen, with the car being totaled to the point that you may as well look into cash for scrap cars.
  • Sports car racing: This event is not as dangerous as Formula racing and often consists of driving regular cars at breakneck rates. The cars themselves would have been specially retrofitted to amp their performance and speed. And of course, there are events that are held all during the year and with many a crash taking place, it should not come as a surprise that most of these totaled cars are removed for cash, processed, and then recycled.
  • Stock car racing: This form of racing is a little different from the above two in the sense that production cars are used for the same. These cars are retrofitted, customized for better performance and are made to race each other around a single track for several laps.
  • Drag racing: What started out as street car racing soon evolved into what’s termed as drag racing. What makes it different from the several other modes is that very few rules apply and the first one to cross the finish line wins the pot and whatever else it may contain. It is a highly competitive sport and one which can feature high stakes. This race is generally held over short distances, generally around 200-400 meters
  • Rallying: Here, production cars are used to travel from point A to point B, and across several different types of terrains. You may be required to travel off road and often you may be required to take pit stops at designated pit stop points for slated time periods. Usually, long rallies can last for several days.
  • Off road racing: This form of racing is designed to test out the mettle of any driver by getting them to handle several challenging environments. Often, the race is designed so that the drivers would be required to travel, handle some of the most challenging terrain and other conditions.

These are some of the top car racing formats that are still in use today. If you love to watch car racing, then you may want to catch a race or two on the sports channel. But a better option would be to view a race live and see the magic of car racing come alive in front of your eyes. Do remember that if you plan to take part in the race yourself, then you need to undergo both physical and mental training, for the car races.

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