A simple guide for security camera installation

Security had become a prime concern for all home-owners and well as property owners due to increasing crimes and burglaries. Most organisations need to keep their facilities under constant surveillance to prevent any thefts. Even homes have security cameras installed to keep intruders at bay. The key to getting a close-knit security through security camera system is the trick to place the cameras at the right location and position. Another key factor is the type of security cameras you choose.

The process of security camera installation is a detailed one and plays an important role in how safe the premises become due to them. According to a survey, it was concluded that most burglars and intruders are easily deterred merely by the sight of a security camera. Also, for a successful security camera installation, one needs to first determine the features that would be necessary for ensuring the needed security.

All the features that you can get in a security camera installation are listed below to help you through the installation process:

  1. Remote monitoring: This is used in places with heavy people traffic with high security requirements. It is also used in residential security camera installation to help you to easily check on your home as well as your pet anywhere, at any time from your mobile phone. There are phone apps for this or there is a secure server that only authorised people can access.

  2. Multichannel recording: For multiple security cameras installed at multiple locations, there is one control computer present in which all the surveillance footage is recorded and stored. This is highly useful for huge buildings with multiple entrances and exits. With this feature, you can keep an eye on all the places at the same time and even go through the footage later on.

  3. Zooming capabilities: There are cameras that allows users to pan, tilt, rotate, and zoom according to the user’s requirements. These are flexible security cameras that help you focus on what captures your interest. Such security cameras are installed at entrance gates that allows the security personnel to zoom in and focus on the person pressing the intercom and verify his or her identity before letting him or her in to the building.

  4. Activity alerts: Such a feature notifies the owner every time there is any activity within the space under surveillance. You can choose the way of getting alerts from the options available: email, text, push notification or phone call. This type of security camera installation is used in closed storage spaces where only possible chances of movement are due to a suspicious activity. These cameras have motion detectors attached to them.

  5. Tamper alerts: Some security cameras are present to record and store the footage to a remote computer or a cloud, to ensure that there is a footage to check in the event of some burglary or intrusion. But, to ensure that the cameras keep recording all the time and that nobody tampers with them at any time, there is a system that sends out an alert every time a tampering is detected.

  6. Two-way communication: In some cases, the security camera is used to oversee proceedings from a remote place and give inputs and suggestions. For such a security camera installation, the camera comes with a built-in two-way communication channel. This transmission channel is of a definite secure bandwidth to prevent intrusion or a leak of information. This way you get both, a safe way of monitoring a place as well as conversing with the people there.

All these above-mentioned features of security camera installation make the place more secure and your valuables safe.

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