8 Design Possibilities with a Light Fitting Converter from Friller

A light-emitting diode or LED are small, durable and need little power. LEDs can emit light of an intended color without using any color filters.

Lighting sets the tone and mood of any space, which is why it is such a powerful design element. Whether you want to create a softly-lit walkway, a vibrant glow in the kitchen, or add a touch of style and warmth to any space with overhead lighting, this can be achieved.
You can even create the look and feel that you want even if your original socket is not compatible with your chosen bulb. With the help of light fitting converters, altering your existing lighting is as easy as choosing the light you want, picking the convertor and screwing in the base adaptor.

1. Enhance Your Ceiling Fan Lights

Wishing your ceiling fan gave you a bit more light? Are your candelabra lights bright enough? Ceiling fans and wall sconces often feature decorative candelabra bulbs and fittings, which are certainly elegant and beautiful, but not necessarily the brightest lights.
To brighten a room, you can use our B22 to E27 light fitting socket converter adaptor. Plug the convertor directly into the B22 female socket, and then you are free to screw any Edison lightbulb into the socket. You’ll achieve a brighter glow and a more modern, industrial look to your space.

2. Giving Your Floor Lamp a Retro Makeover

You can also use the B22 to E27 adaptor to help you add a retro look to your home. Floor lamps in particular give-off an attractive modern vibe with round retro lights. As the B22 light sockets are a common feature in Australia homes, all you need is the E27 convertor to be able to install eye-catching retro lights.

3. Switching to Double Lights

If you want to switch from a simple Edison screw light to something more ornate, the possibilities are endless with our Double E27 to B22 convertor. You can screw in the base adaptor and then use any bayonet mount bulbs to fit into the double head.

4. Converting a Recess Light into a Pendant Light

Recess lights are simple, subtle overhead lights. They do the job, but they don’t provide a lot of style or personality to your home. Installing pendant lights over recess lights is a great way to transform the look and feel of a room and to inject a bit of atmosphere to the space. A simple design trick is to use an E27 to E27 160 cm long adaptor convertor, which extends the distance from the ceiling to the bulb and offers a very modern look.

5. Turning a Lamp into a Night Light

With a B22 to G9 convertor, you can choose a G9 LED light with a low wattage and make any lamp into a nightlight. This design tip works particularly well if you want to use the lampshade as a statement piece but don’t use other light sources to illuminate the room, such as through overhead lighting.

6. Adding Downlights to Your Kitchen

Downlights are ideal for the kitchen area. The extra illumination is useful when you are preparing food and they help to focus clear, bright light over the cooking space. The B22 to GU10 adaptor can be used when you want to use flood light bulbs but your light doesn’t have the appropriate socket.

7. Transforming Your Chandelier

Modern chandeliers come in so many different shapes, styles, and sizes from the ornate and sophisticated to the minimalist and modern. The sockets in your chandelier, however, will only accept one type of bulb base. With a light fitting convertor, you can give your chandelier a completely new – and very original – look, whether you want to switch from globe lights to an elegant candelabra shape, from small, delicate bulbs to a larger size, or any other design change that you want.

8. Making Your Home More Energy Efficient

You can also use light fitting convertors if you want to change to a more eco-friendly multifaceted reflector bulb. The inside surface of an MR bulb is covered by a reflective coating, which creates a more concentrated beam of light. MR bulbs are excellent for use in home workshops, kitchens, and outdoors. You can use a B22 to MR16 convertor and quickly change your lighting with more energy-efficient bulbs without having to purchase new fixtures.

With light fitting converters, you are no longer limited by the type of socket that you have installed or by what lamps or fixtures you have in your home. You can virtually use any type of light that you want in order to get the look and feel that you want. What bulb you use can change the strength of the illumination, the style of the fixture, and create the overall design theme that you want in your home. You can also use our large selection of converters and adaptors to switch to more eco-friendly lighting options.

To discover more about the converters that Friller can provide, get in touch with a member of our team today or find what you need on our product pages. We are happy to answer any questions that you may have to help you find the perfect solution for your lighting needs.

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