5 Common Herbs You Can Eat and Grow in Your Garden

A kitchen or home garden serves any purpose at the same time. First of all, it’s an aesthetic addition to your living space and secondly, it helps you save some money by producing organic vegetables and herbs. In fact, many people choose to grow fresh herbs in their garden just to get fresh garden grown stuff for daily meals. Moreover, organic herbs make great sides for soups, stews, and salads. Here we are talking about 5 common herbs, which you can actually grow in your home garden.


mint herbal benefits
Mint is highly preferred as a homegrown herb. There’s a wide variety of mint available and you can use it in the drinks like mojitos or mint juleps. Or, you can also add some mint to your summer iced tea. The most refreshing part bout mint is it works as a mouth freshener and will help to calm your stomach. But, if you are plating mint, be aware that it’s an invasive plant. Mint will spread out across your entire take over your garden. A great idea is to grow it in the containers.


Parsley herb benefits

A mildly bitter herb, parsley intensifies the flavor of your foods instantly. Though many people find it a garnishing agent, parsley helps things like stews achieve a more balanced flavor. This annual herb helps a lot in digestion. It better thrives in mild weather and these are bushy. You need to trim parsley time to time if you are growing it in your garden.


Basil herbs eat and garden

Basil is used in the much different variety of cuisines but it is mostly found in the Italian delicacies like pizzas, sauces, salads, and pesto. A great idea to grow basil is just beside your tomato garden as the basil tends to make tomatoes sweeter. Basil is a rich source of antioxidants and provides defense against low blood sugar.


Thyme herbs grow garden

This delicate herb is used for flavoring egg, bean and vegetable delicacies. It is extensively used as a flavoring and garnishing agent of Mediterranean, Provençal French & Italian cuisines. It adds taste and flavor to the soups and stews. The garden thyme with gray-green leaves comes with a lemony smell.


Rosemary herbs

One of the popular flavoring agents, rosemary makes a great pair with meat, poultry, vegetables. It thrives in spring and its delightful aroma is simply breathtaking. Be careful not to overwater your plant. A rosemary plant usually grows into a full-sized bush.

There are many other herbs which you can actually grow in your home garden. For better knowledge, seek ideas from iHerb Australia.

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