10 Celebrity Homes You Can Stay In on Your Next Vacation

Everyone likes a little style and luxury in their lives. Traveling and staying in fancy hotels certainly gives us that feel, but what if we tell you there is an even more luxurious way to vacation. There are houses and apartments that are far more extravagant than any hotel room and penthouse combined. We are, of course, thinking of celebrity homes that are available for rent.

Not only do you get to stay in your favorite celebrity’s house, but you will also get a taste of their life. So without further ado, here are the ten best celebrity homes you can rent for your next vacation.

Leonardo DiCaprio`s oasis in Palm Springs

Leo rents his 1.3-acre compound in Palm Springs for anyone who is willing to dish out approximately $5000 for a night. It is a beautiful desert oasis with six bedrooms, swimming pool, tennis court, cocktail bar, deluxe chef`s kitchen and other luxury features you might expect from an Oscar winner`s home. It is located in one of the most popular neighborhoods filled with other celebrities.

Leo home Palm Springs

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Kurt Cobain`s LA apartment

Everyone knows late Kurt Cobain and if you are an admirer of his music, you can stay in one of his old apartments in Los Angeles. This is not the most extravagant rental on our list, but if you decide to stay here, you will be staying in a place where rock history was written. He lived here for two years with Courtney Love and wrote most of his third album, In Utero, here.

Beyoncé’s Los Altos Hills villa

Beyoncé is a music diva and it would be only appropriate for a diva to rent a $10,000-a-night villa in Los Altos Hills. An amazing view from an endless pool and a fire pit on the decking are just some of the many features of this deluxe villa. If you want to get a taste of Beyoncé’s life, then this is the place for you.

Beyonce house

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Denzel Washington`s Malibu Beach house

This massive eight-acre property was formerly owned by Led Zeppelin`s guitarist Jimmy Page so it has even more flavor. It is located on the cliffs overlooking Malibu Beach with beautiful ocean views. It is around $700 a night, but with this, you get three bedrooms, two bathrooms, and a gym. Also, it has an enormous patio so you can watch whales and dolphins swimming in the ocean.

Emily Blunt’s Hollywood Hills home

This one is simply amazing. It has three bedrooms, six bathrooms, and a spacious patio. On top of that, it is decorated in a timeless fashion with big beautiful ceiling and furniture looking like something from a fairy tale. It will cost you around $500 for one night.

Steven Spielberg`s beach resort

Another luxurious Malibu property; but what can you do, this neighborhood is popular with celebrities. This double-lot compound offers seven bedrooms with an additional two-bedroom guesthouse. Also, you will get 150 feet of beach all for yourself. Spielberg`s resort is only available for rent in the summer season.

Jimi Hendrix’s Hawaii retreat

Next one on our list is Hendrix’s cute wooden hideaway on Hawaii. During the ’70s, he lived in this palm tree surrounded shack and made some of his best songs here. Like Kurt Cobain`s apartment, it doesn’t offer anything deluxe, but if you want to experience how one of the best guitarists in the world lived, then this one is for you.

Image credit: www.lonelyplanet.com

Jim Morrison`s West Hollywood home

As you can see, there are similarities with rock stars` houses. They are all pretty ordinary and not so extravagant like the rest on our list. And it is the same with Jim Morrison’s house. It is a beautiful part of rock history decorated with flower power murals and `60s chic furnishes. He created some of his finest work here. Just don’t expect expensive furniture and deluxe kitchen.

Kate Winslet`s New York penthouse

Kate is famous for her role in Titanic and for her taste and style. So it comes naturally that her New York penthouse is one of the most luxurious on the market. It has four bedrooms and a whopping 1700-foot terrace. Also, since this is a loft, it has 13-foot high ceilings with beautiful chandeliers on it, fit for an A-list Hollywood actress.

Image credit: www.popsugar.com

Matt Le Blanc`s Pacific Palisades house

Our last house on the list is none other than Joey`s, from Friends TV Show. It is a 1930s style house with 4 bedrooms and 5 bathrooms on a half-acre property and it is only half a mile from famous Will Rogers State Park. Who knows, maybe one of the other friends accidently pays you a visit.

And that is it for our list. We hope that you found something interesting and maybe you’ll decide to stay in one of these houses on your next vacation. If you have enough money for these rentals, then this is certainly a better way to spend your vacation than to stay in a boring hotel.

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