10 Best Australian Shoe Boutiques

Finding the right shoe line for your tastes and budget can be tricky, but this list gives you the best of Australian footwear for every shoe lover. Whether you’re into stylish booties, summery espadrilles, or flat easy-to-wear sandals, you’ll find your new favorite designer in this list. Stroll the Gold Coast and bar-hop in Sydney in style with the help of the top ten Australian shoe boutiques.

1. Novo

Novo Shoes offers footwear for women that is comfortable yet stylish. The shoes range from garden pumps to staggering stilettos, with a focus on wearable colors like nudes and black. The shoes are so comfortable and offer wider heels without sacrificing style.

2. Senso

Senso is a family-owned company that creates fabulous shoes for both men and women. These shoes are definitely not minimalistic in design: make a statement with bold lines and studded heels at an affordable price.

3. Windsor Smith

Windsor Smith makes every kind of shoe under the sun for his and hers. Stunning sky-high stilettos and unique mules will make your jaw drop—but so will the price tags. These shoes will cost you a pretty penny but make you look like a mint.

4. Mollini

Mollini is a swank and chic ladies’ line that caters to sophisticated but stylish women. You’ll feel like a total boss lady in these snakeskin low-cut booties, and classy and prim enough for a garden tea in these all-white wedge heels.

5. Wittner

Wittner is an upscale brand that offers a wide range of shoes and accessories for every occasion. They have a unique corporate line with work-appropriate heels for the business-savvy woman who appreciates a beautiful pump, and a special occasion line for your fancy party needs. Plus, they offer an interesting (and potentially dangerous) “buy now, pay later” deal for online purchases.

6. Tony Bianco

Give your toes a makeover with this sexy line of footwear designed to awe and impress. Channel your inner Carrie Bradshaw with fluffy feather-strap heels, or go full badass Catwoman in black suede boots up to your hips. Let’s hear you roar ladies.

7. Siren

This boutique line has something for everyone; stunning but simplistic booties, to comfortable and functional sandals, Siren is your go-to brand for wardrobe staples. The expensive price tags are more than justifiable when you consider how much use you’ll get out of them!

8. Betts

A fabulous shoe line that offers so many fun footwear options, Betts is a whimsical and quirky brand for the modern and fashion-forward youth. With astonishingly affordable price tags, Betts lets you stock up on creative boho sandals and retro-fab suede thigh-high boots so that you’re ready when fashion inspiration strikes.

9. Wanted

Wanted gives you beautiful leather heels that will make you feel so effortlessly fab. Just like the brand name promises, you’ll feel sexy and wanted in these barely there heels and these glorious, tan-enhancing bronzed beauties.

10. Shouz

Shouz is your trendy and offbeat shoe-line for unique and noteworthy footwear your friends will constantly try to steal from you. These fringed peep-toe booties are so funky and hip, while these two-toned sandals are a fun and comfortable option for work and lunches with friends. Embrace the unconventional!

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